Monday, December 5, 2011


Today's post is tied to my website contest this month.  I'm hoping readers will be coming here from there!  To those just arriving, read about the new contest for December either here or there.  Whew!  
For this contest, I am offering: 
~T-Shirt with my logo on it
~Hand-made book cover
~A copy of one of my books.  Your choice.  If you have all four of the ones just released, then you'll receive White Wolf in February.
The rules are simple:  Follow me here on my blog.  That's it. 
Very easy.  But those of you willing to do a bit more and be rewarded with multiple entries, I'm offering additional changes to win. 

~Leave a comment on any post here on my blog I'll enter your name a second time.  I do ask that comments be thoughtful to the blog topic.  If you are already a follower, just make a comment to this blog posting for your first entry.

Want more chances to win?   How about more of that great holiday spirit!  I'm in the giving mood here so here are some ways to get even more entries.

~Make a comment on any site where I've blogged in the last couple month.   Only one comment per site allowed, including this site.  Blog comment must be to a blog I wrote to be eligible in the case of group blog sites.  You must send me an email at: with the link.

~Write a review for  any of the newly released White Titles.  Again, send the link to me.

~Like me on my facebook page and leave a comment there.

~Tweet something about one of the four books that just came out with a mention of my twitter name

~Follow me on Twitter and email me to let me know you did so to the above email address.
I compiled a list on the contest page of my website just to make it easier for you.  Of course, if you have your own sites like goodreads or others, feel free!  

Again, Send links to with the subject title Contest #2.

Winner will be announced on December 15th.  Winner will be chosen via random drawing.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Hi, Susan. Pretty design! Hope you get a zillion visitors.

  2. Finally found you - thanks for the link! Also liked you on FB - will email you more.

  3. Liz--thanks!

    Mom Blogger--Good luck. Got your emails! You must really want to win!